System of volunteer of Tokyo Olympic Games signing up broke down 2020 20 thousand person cannot be registered

Report occupied press of Japanese morning sun on January 8, 2019, recently, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games? Incomplete the volunteer of abstruse meeting signs up register breakdown of website happening system. Japanese Olympic Games Organizing Committee expresses 7 days, about 26000 volunteers do not have a law to finish register formalities. Japanese Olympic Games Organizing Committee says, will contact the people of these volunteers signing up alone, strive for formalities signing up is finished before letting them be in 16 days. Sign up originally should end on December 21, 2018, but the system produced breakdown, arose to cannot send the issue such as the email that affirms finally to the person that sign up. Japanese Olympic Games Organizing Committee expresses, 180 thousand 6101 people signed up volunteer, but because systematic breakdown was not gone in by statistic,still have a f

ew people, sign up finally the volunteer’s number may exceed 200 thousand person. Because sign up systematic breakdown, at least 20 thousand much person still cannot be finished now register formalities finally. Wutengminlang expresses secretary-general of Olympic Games Organizing Committee before this: A lot of people will sign up, thank very. According to statistic,

in the person that sign up, the female is occu长沙夜品茶网pied 63% , the personage is occupied beyond Japanese book 37% . From the point of age layer, many years old 20 most, occupy 29% . The person that hopes to be able to serve above 11 days is amounted to 61% . Original title: System of volunteer of Tokyo Olympic Games signing up breaks down 20 thousand much person cannot register responsibility editor: Lin Xin is firm


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